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The Dhaka IT is the most trusted & leading SMS marketing company in Old Dhaka. With 7+ years of experience, hundreds of completed projects, many prestigious awards, the Dhaka IT is the best SMS marketing website in Old Dhaka.

With an excellent team of experienced SMS marketing experts, advanced tools, Smart messages, we provide the best services. Our team knows which audience a company should target, how to attract an audience smartly and how to make them your customers. We offer various types of packages with different service ranges at an affordable price. Top-notch services, results, and client's satisfaction is our main priority.

Why your business needs SMS marketing?

Immediate Reach | Highly-Efficient | Affordable

All the business around the world need marketing, but with time marketing strategies are getting critical. If you want a marketing strategy that will work instantly and affordable, you must go for SMS marketing. As almost everyone uses smartphones worldwide, and from a survey, we get to know that 98% of people open & read SMS. & this factor makes SMS marketing one of the best marketing platforms.

SMS marketing helps you to reach your message to the audience instantly & directly. Also, you can contact a large num of people in a very short time by SMS marketing. & the best part is it's really cheap and beneficial than other marketing policy.

An average person looks at their phone at least 150 times a day and opened almost every message. That's why SMS marketing is the most powerful marketing tools. And, the Dhaka IT is here to help you with this powerful marketing.

The Dhaka IT is the best SMS marketing company in Old Dhaka. We have the best team of SMS marketing experts who provide all the services related to SMS marketing. We know which audience should be targeted, how to message smartly to grab the audience and how to turn them into your customers. Our company offers various package highlighting different features at an affordable price. So contact the Dhaka IT with your requirements & enjoy the benefits. .

SMS Marketing Company in Old Dhaka
SMS Marketing Company in Old Dhaka

Why choose the Dhaka IT?

Excellent Service | Low-cost | Client's Satisfaction.

SMS marketing is the proven best marketing tools so far because you can reach the audience directly and instantly, and also it's an affordable way of marketing.SMS marketing allows you to reach more customers with your advertising campaign than ever before. IT can be really profitable if you use it correctly. & that's why you need an SMS-marketing-company. The Dhaka IT is the best SMS marketing company in Old Dhaka that provide excellent services. If you are wondering why you should choose the Dhaka IT, then here are some reasons:

  • We provide SMART but low-cost SMS.
  • We provide every type of SMS marketing.
  • We use advanced tools & latest strategies.
  • We don't have any HIDDEN fees like other companies.
  • We have a team of experienced SMS-marketing experts.
  • We suggest many different packages at an affordable price.
  • Our SMS marketing services are better than any other companies.

Search Engind Oprimization Features

All our SMS Marketing offer a wide variety of useful features

Bulk Sms

Voice Sms

Api Based Sms

Location Based Sms

Realtime Sms

Premium Sms

Missed Call Marketing

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FAQs of The Dhaka IT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SMS Marketing?

    SMS Marketing is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS). These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive these messages from your business.

    If this sms marketing definition sounds too complicated – don't worry. This article covers all of the terms above that to give you a better idea of how SMS marketing can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

  • Why is SMS marketing effective?

    SMS is one of the most useful marketing channels at your disposal for several reasons:

  • How does SMS marketing work?

    SMS marketing messages are sent from “short codes,” as opposed to full telephone numbers. These short codes are typically 5-6 digits, and can be associated with one sender, or shared across multiple senders.

  • How to Automate SMS Marketing?

    You can schedule your sms marketing at any time & any where.