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Does your Business need Facebook Marketing? Make it Possible with The Dhaka IT.

Facebook Advertising Agency In Old Dhaka
Facebook Advertising Agency In Old Dhaka

The Dhaka IT- Your Facebook Marketing Partner.

Promote Your Brand Awareness & Increase your SALES

Welcome to the Dhaka IT, the first and leading facebook advertising agency in Old Dhaka. With 7+ years of experience, many prestigious awards, and 150+ complete projects of happy clients, we are the most renowned facebook advertising agency in Old Dhaka.

We have a great team of experienced FaceBook marketing experts who uses all the advanced tools and latest technologies. We know how, when & which audience should be targeted & how to promote your business Smartly to turn these audiences into your customers. We provide Facebook advertising, other Facebook Marketing services, SEO, SMM, SMS marketing, web design & development, and other services at an affordable price. We believe in results & client's satisfaction.

Why your brand needs Facebook Marketing?

Leads Enormous Traffic | Increase Sales | Improve Revenue.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media worldwide, with 850 million active users. For these vast amounts of engaging users, Facebook is undoubtedly the best place for marketing. We know creating content, a brand, or a website is much easier than reaching people these things. For this, you need a promotion. No matter how your business is new, old, big or small, you need new customers to enjoy the success.

That's why you need marketing & Facebook is the best place to promote your brand as millions of active audience is here. So, contact an expert or agency for this. The Dhaka IT is the best facebook advertising agency in Old Dhaka. We have a team of experienced Facebook Marketing Experts. With advanced tools & excellent strategies, we promote your page. We know which audience should be targeted & how to promote Smartly to turn these audiences into your customers. We are the best Facebook marketing service provider in Old Dhaka. We offer various packages at an affordable price. Just contact the Dhaka IT and enjoy the result at a reasonable price.

Facebook Advertising Agency
Facebook Advertising Agency In Old Dhaka

Increase your Facebook presence with The Dhaka IT.

Affordable | Ensured Results | Customer's Satisfaction.
Every business, be it big or small, need marketing to achieve success. Various marketing strategies are available, but among them, Facebook marketing is the best. Facebook ads are a great way to generate leads and promote your products online. You can get huge success if you use Facebook marketing perfectly. & the Dhaka IT is here to help you with your Facebook marketing projects. If you think why to choose The Dhaka IT, here are some reasons:

  • We provide Facebook advertising.
  • We use advanced tools for facebook Marketing.
  • We have a team of Facebook marketing experts.
  • We use a full-proof & fresh strategy for the best results.
  • We also provide many other Facebook marketing services.
  • We use the latest strategies to provide your brand benefits.
  • We are the best facebook advertising agency in Old Dhaka.
  • We know which audience should we target and increase profit.
  • We have 7+ years of experience and completed 150+ projects

Search Engind Oprimization Features

All our Facebook Marketing offer a wide variety of useful features

Facebook Advertising Agency

Business Page Setup

Facebook Ads Campagin

Facebook Ads Campagin

Search Engine Oprimized Page

Search Engine Optimized Page

Facebook Pixel Setup

Facebook Pixel Setup

Pricing plans

FAQs of The Dhaka IT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is Facebook Boosting Cost in BD?

    Normally Facebook allows $1 or 85 Taka per day minimum. But Facebook takes time to optimize for a good result at least 4 days. The Dhaka IT offers Facebook Ads management service and advertising services, check our packages.

    Facebook Marketing cost is now more expensive than before. Bangladesh & other countries imposed VAT & TAX. VAT 15%, Service charge 20% of the amount, Transaction cost 2% on overall amount, will be added with the current dollar rate. For Facebook Boosting cost 1$ = 85 Taka + (15% VAT) 12.75 Taka + (20% SC) 19.55 Taka + (TC 2%) 2.346 Taka.

  • Which Payment Method The Dhaka IT Allow?

    Currently bKash.

  • How much time you take for running an ad?

    Usually, 1-3 hours but we can take up to 24 hours. But if there is any technical problem from us or Facebook then we will inform you.

  • Do you provide International Boosting?

    Yes. The Dhaka IT Provide local & global boosting.

  • Does The Dhaka IT give guaranteed Sales?

    No. The Dhaka IT is a platform where you can use our Business Manager & Ad Manager for your campaign. We can give direction but no guarantee. It totally depends on your content, product, service, etc.

  • Does The Dhaka IT Provide Instagram Ads?

    Yes but not separately. If your Instagram page or profile connects with the Facebook Business page then we can target only the Instagram audience.

  • Does The Dhaka IT Accept Cash in the Office?

    No. The Dhaka IT totally online service provider agency. We don’t allow any cash or office visits. Everything will be through the website.