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Welcome to The Dhaka IT, the first and most trusted SMS marketing company in Gulshan. We are the best agency with our 7+ years of experience, many prestigious awards, and hundreds of completed projects. With our experienced & skilled team of SMS marketing experts, we serve a great service. We use all the advanced tools and technologies & know how to target the perfect audience. Our team provide an excellent SMS marketing service and give SMART SMS, which attracts the audience easily & instantly. We use the perfect strategy to increase your customers as well as sale. We offer various packages of excellent service at an affordable price. So, contact the Dhaka IT & enjoy an excellent service that you'll love.

Why your Company need SMS marketing?

Instant Reach | Highly-efficient | Less-Costly

No matter how big or small your business is, you need marketing to achieve more success. As a business person, if you are looking for a marketing technique that will help you to reach your audience instantly, SMS marketing is the best option.

There will be hardly anyone who doesn't use a mobile phone. And a survey estimated that almost 98% of people opened & read SMS. So, you can understand how impactful SMS marketing can be. By using SMS marketing, you can reach a huge audience easily, instantly & directly. And, if you can Provide smart SMS, you can turn this audience into your customers.

SMS marketing is a great marketing tool that is a highly effective, targeted, and personalized way to involve your customers. It's also affordable as well as a beneficial way of marketing. To enjoy the benefits, contact an SMS marketing company.

The Dhaka IT is the most trusted and best SMS marketing-company in Gulshan. We have a team of experienced and skilled SMS marketing experts who give a satisfactory service. Our team knows how to give smart SMS to grab the audience's attention and turn them into your customers. We offer various packages at an affordable price. Just make an appointment with the Dhaka IT with your requirements and experience a great service at an affordable price. .

SMS Marketing Company In Gulshan
SMS Marketing Company

Why choose The Dhaka IT?

Affordable | Instant Results | Customer's Satisfaction

SMS marketing is getting popular among all the business, be it big or small, new or old. It's an instant, personalized, cost-efficient marketing that actually give results. By using SMS marketing smartly, any business can achieve a huge profit. That's why you need an agency for SMS marketing. If you are looking for the best SMS marketing company, then you can root for the Dhaka IT. The Dhaka IT is the best & most trusted SMS marketing company in Gulshan. Here are some reasons why you should prefer the Dhaka IT for your SMS marketing projects:

  • We have experience of 7+ years.
  • We use all the advanced & latest tools.
  • Various packages at an affordable price
  • We provide SMART SMS at a really low cost.
  • We know which audience should be targetted.
  • We have a team of experienced and skilled SMS marketing experts.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is SMS marketing?

    SMS Marketing is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes utilizing text messages (SMS). These messages are for the most part intended to communicate time-sensitive supplies, upgrades, and alerts to people who have consented to get these messages out of your business.

  • What is SMS marketing used for?

    SMS can be used in a number of various ways. I will share with you a few of the most typical use cases to offer you a clearer idea of what you could do with SMS and how it might help your business.

  • How does SMS marketing work?

    SMS marketing messages are sent out of"short codes," instead of complete telephone numbers. These codes are usually 5-6 digits, and can be correlated with a single sender, or shared over several senders. .

  • What are SMS open rates?

    In 2018 they had been as large as Compared to email advertising at an open speed of just 20%, SMS marketing blows email from the water.A great open rate is significant to the achievement of your SMS advertising campaign. If users aren't opening your messages in any respect, you have essentially wasted your own time.