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Welcome to the Dhaka IT, the first and leading facebook-advertising-agency in Gulshan. With 7+ years of experience, 150+ completed projects of satisfied customers and many awards, we are the most renowned Facebook advertising agency in Gulshan. The Dhaka IT is the most trusted facebook advertising agency because of their caring behaviour, excellent services, and affordable price range.

We have the best team of experienced & skilled facebook marketing experts who provide extraordinary services. Our team know all the latest strategies & use all the advanced tools. Our firm provides Facebook advertising, Facebook marketing, SMM, SEO & other services. Team up with the Dhaka IT & experience successful results at an affordable price. Quality, punctuality, results & client's satisfaction is our main priority.

Why your brand needs Facebook Advertising?

Reach Tremendous Audience | Increase Customers | Improve Profits

Facebook is the best social media marketing platform for having huge users. More than 800 million people use Facebook worldwide. So, a tremendous amount of audiences are available on Facebook, which makes it the most engaging and effective platform for marketing.

Almost every business needs marketing in order to get success. But, most of the marketing doesn't give that much results. In this case, you can trust Facebook marketing as millions of active audiences are available on Facebook to reach your brand to a huge audience & by applying perfect strategy, you can make them your customers.

Facebook marketing is a tool that can help any big or small business to accomplish success. For that, you need to contact a Facebook marketing agency. The Dhaka IT is the most trusted Facebook marketing company in Gulshan. We have a great team of experienced & skilled Facebook marketing experts. We use all the latest technologies, advanced tools and great strategies to gain the attention of a huge number of audience and turn them into your customers.

We provide outstanding service and offer various service at an affordable price. Our team help you to get noticed, boost your sale and improve your revenue. Just trust the Dhaka IT with your projects and enjoy the benefits at a pocket-friendly price.

Facebook advertising agency in Gulshan
Facebook advertising agency in Gulshan

Why choose the Dhaka IT?

Excellent Service | Ensured Results | Customer's Satisfaction

Almost every business person who is looking for good marketing heard about Facebook Advertising. It's a great marketing way because of its capability of targeting a huge audience. The benefits of Facebook marketing is really awesome if implemented correctly. That's why you must contact a Facebook marketing agency. But you must choose the best one as not every agency knows the perfect strategy. If you are looking for the best facebook-advertising-agency, then go with the Dhaka IT. The Dhaka IT is the most trusted and the best facebook-advertising-agency in Gulshan. Here are some reasons why you should trust the Dhaka IT for your Facebook Marketing projects:

  • We offer various packages at a really low price.
  • Our experts know which audience should be targeted.
  • We give all the service related to Facebook Marketing.
  • Our team use all the latest tools, advanced technologies.
  • We provide every service related to Facebook Marketing.
  • We know how to increase customers and improve revenue.
  • We have experienced team for Facebook marketing experts.

Search Engind Oprimization Features

All our Facebook Marketing offer a wide variety of useful features

Facebook advertising agency

Business Page Setup

The Dhaka IT Gulshan Facebook Ads Campagin

Facebook Ads Campagin

The Dhaka IT Gulshan Search Engine Oprimized Page

Search Engine Optimized Page

The Dhaka IT Gulshan Facebook Pixel Setup

Facebook Pixel Setup

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Frequently asked questions

  • How to Post to Your Facebook Page?

    To post on your Facebook Page, start looking for the white box under your cover photo that says"Write something..." and simply begin typing. Whenever your update is prepared to go (after a proofread, naturally ), hit"Share Now". By this area, it is possible to also add a photograph or video, label a product or place, conduct a survey, or schedule or backdate your article if you so choose.

  • How to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy?

    To create a successful Facebook marketing plan, you'll first need an extensive understanding of your audience. Then we'll dive right into 1) developing the Perfect mix of content to drive results, 2) scheduling posts in to your editorial calendar, and 3) researching Facebook's new offerings for connecting with audience.

  • How to Advertise on Facebook?

    When you start marketing on Facebook, you may feel like there is a good deal of boxes to check off. Is your backup engaging enough? Are you targeting the right people? Just how much should I pay?Alas, the overwhelming character of Facebook marketing prevents a lot of even trying it out.

  • What is Facebook marketing?

    Facebook marketing describes creating and actively utilizing a Facebook webpage as a communications station to maintain contact and attract clients. Facebook actively supplies to this, enabling users to create personal profiles or business pages for businesses, associations, or any group trying to create a fan base for a commodity, service, or new.