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Facebook Advertising Agency In Uttara
Facebook Advertising Agency In Uttara

The Dhaka IT- Increase your brand awareness & Improve your Revenue

Leads Traffic | Increase Sales with Facebook Marketing

Welcome to The Dhaka IT, the first and most trusted Facebook Advertising Agency in Uttara. We are the leading Facebook Advertising Agency with many prestigious awards, 7+ years of experience, and completed 150+ projects of happy clients.

We have a team of experienced & skilled Facebook marketing experts who provide excellent service. Our team uses the latest technologies, full-proof strategies and advanced tools to reach your company to the targeted audience.

Our company provides Facebook Advertising, Facebook Marketing, SEO, SMM, and other website-related services. Our team know all the latest and full-proof way to increase your viewers, customers and sales. Just team up with The Dhaka IT and experience excellent service at an affordable price. Excellence, results and customer's satisfaction is our main priority.

Why Your Brand Needs Facebook Marketing?

Reach Tremendous Audience | Increase Customers | Improve Revenue

Marketing is an essential tool for any business success. No matter how big or small your business is, you have to reach the audience to succeed. Marketing can be done in many ways, but not all provide good results. Facebook marketing is one of the best and effective marketing strategies.

Facebook is a social media platform, with more than 800 million active users worldwide. For having these huge amounts of users, Facebook provides a unique chance to promote your business. By doing marketing on Facebook, you can reach a huge amount of audience, and by the perfect strategy, you can turn this audience into your clients. For this, you need a Facebook Advertising Agency.

The Dhaka IT is the Best Facebook Advertising Agency in Uttara. We are the leading & most trusted agency because of our premium services, affordable price and excellent behaviour. With a team of experienced and skilled Facebook advertising experts, we provide an excellent service. Our team uses advanced tools & the latest technologies. We know which audience should we target, how to reach them and turn them into your customers smartly. As a result, it increases the sale & revenue.

To enjoy an awesome service at an affordable price, contact The Dhaka IT with your requirements and get the best results within a precise time.

Facebook Advertising Agency In Uttara
Facebook Advertising Agency

Why Choose The Dhaka IT?

Premium Service | Affordable | Guaranteed Results

One of the most effective ways of marketing is Facebook marketing. It helps to grow any business at a fast pace. You can see how beneficial Facebook marketing is if implemented correctly. For that, you have to contact a Facebook advertising agency. If you are looking for the best Facebook advertising agency in Uttara, then the Dhaka IT is the best option. Here are some points why you should prefer the Dhaka IT for your Facebook advertising projects:

  • We use advanced tools & the latest technologies.
  • We offer different packages at a reasonable price.
  • We use a full-proof & fresh strategy to give you the best results.
  • We have a team of experienced Facebook marketing experts.
  • We know which audience should we target and increase profit.
  • We have 7+ years of experience and completed 150+ projects

Search Engind Oprimization Features

All our Facebook Marketing offer a wide variety of useful features

Facebook Advertising Agency

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FAQs of The Dhaka IT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is Facebook Boosting Cost in BD?

    Normally Facebook allows $1 or 85 Taka per day minimum. But Facebook takes time to optimize for a good result at least 4 days. The Dhaka IT offers Facebook Ads management service and advertising services, check our packages.

    Facebook Marketing cost is now more expensive than before. Bangladesh & other countries imposed VAT & TAX. VAT 15%, Service charge 20% of the amount, Transaction cost 2% on overall amount, will be added with the current dollar rate. For Facebook Boosting cost 1$ = 85 Taka + (15% VAT) 12.75 Taka + (20% SC) 19.55 Taka + (TC 2%) 2.346 Taka.

  • Which Payment Method The Dhaka IT Allow?

    Currently bKash.

  • How much time you take for running an ad?

    Usually, 1-3 hours but we can take up to 24 hours. But if there is any technical problem from us or Facebook then we will inform you.

  • Do you provide International Boosting?

    Yes. The Dhaka IT Provide local & global boosting.

  • Does The Dhaka IT give guaranteed Sales?

    No. The Dhaka IT is a platform where you can use our Business Manager & Ad Manager for your campaign. We can give direction but no guarantee. It totally depends on your content, product, service, etc.

  • Does The Dhaka IT Provide Instagram Ads?

    Yes but not separately. If your Instagram page or profile connects with the Facebook Business page then we can target only the Instagram audience.

  • Does The Dhaka IT Accept Cash in the Office?

    No. The Dhaka IT totally online service provider agency. We don’t allow any cash or office visits. Everything will be through the website.