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The Dhaka IT Know The SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh. if you need rank on google & increase your business. Our service will ensure that your site is getting ranked on search engine and bring targeted organic visitors. If you do not know targeted organic visitors, you should know that they are potential customers searching for products you are selling on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

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Most Affordable SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh : Grow Business With The Dhaka IT

Most of the business owners are thriving for improving their online presence and increase revenue that satisfies the ROI. Yes, we understand, every business has a business growth plan that they want to achieve. Well, the answer is YES and simple, the right kind of search engine optimization can do that if you can appoint the best SEO service provider Company in Bangladesh.

The Dhaka IT has the experience of more than a decade and a list that contains thousands of happy clients. We have the winning strategy that satisfies the search engine can find authority for the industry. And most importantly, our strategies are still working after several Google updates.

You should know that if you can choose the right SEO agency that can set the perfect SEO campaign that will work well for your business. SEO is not a thing that you can achieve or do over a single night. It would take several months to work correctly, & when any optimization works and brings higher ranks on SERP.

If you want serious revenue growth of your business, then contact us without hesitating. We will target only those people who are really want to buy your products or services. Our campaigns are closely observing the ranking factors on search engines because we value every single penny our clients are investing in.

Call us to the given no. or fill-up the form and send us your requirement. One of our SEO Expert In Bangladesh will call you and set a meeting schedule for discussing your project. Our expert will analyze your website and show you the correct path that you can follow.

Additionally, if you select us, you will get a dedicated SEO manager for your project, and you can ask anything related to your project. One of our executives will contact you within the shortest time possible.

White Hat SEO Service of The Dhaka IT is only a call away. Call us at +8801999-473767.

You can also contact us through email at for further queries.

Best SEO Service
The Dhaka IT

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO service creates the foundation of higher Google rankings and traffic. We improve the on-page SEO factors. We apply the same techniques that we have used to rank hundreds of websites on Google.

Off-page SEO

We only apply natural link building techniques to improve backlink profile. Off-page SEO requires huge resources and networks that most SEO agencies don’t have. We are proud that we have that capability.

Local SEO
(Google Map)

As a local SEO agency, we specialize in bringing local customers to local businesses. Our local SEO service is designed to attract more customers by optimizing your Google My Business account.

SEO Service Provider In Bangladesh

Keyword Research

We use the world’s largest keyword research tools to analyze search intent, clicks metric, search volume, keyword difficulty, etc. Our SEO service provides anything from ‘low-hanging fruit’ to highly profitable keywords.

Website SEO Audit

Our SEO audit worked for businesses that are dominating their market now. Our SEO experts perform manual audit because tools generated audit can’t generate critical findings to improve SEO rankings and traffic.

Conversion Rate optimization

While nobody cares about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) we are the only SEO company in Bangladesh who understand this. It is the ultimate on-page SEO technique to convert your visitors into paying customers.

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Our dedicated Website Design Coordinator will begin working to ensure your new website is perfect.

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After final revisions are completed, your new website will be launched. Take a moment to enjoy it!

The Dhaka IT Provides
All Services

Search Engine Optimization

The Dhaka IT has the Best SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh. Rank your business with The Dhaka IT.

Social Media Marketing

The Dhaka IT has the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Grow Your business with The Dhaka IT.

Facebook Advertising

The Dhaka IT has the Best Facebook Advertising Agency in Bangladesh. Promote Your business with The Dhaka IT.

SEO Service Provider In Bangladesh

Website Design

The Dhaka IT has the Best Web Design Company In Bangladesh. Make Your Dream Website with The Dhaka IT.

Ecomerce Web Development

The Dhaka IT has the Best Ecommerce website development in Bangladesh. Make Ecommerce website with Us.

SMS Marketing Bangladesh

The Dhaka IT has the Best Bulk SMS Marketing Service in BD. Promote you business digitally with The Dhaka IT.

SEO Engagement

SEO Plans

SEO Plans

If you're looking for professional SEO solutions, we've got affordable SEO plans to meet most requirements and budgets.

SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

If you already have an in-house team for execution and only need help with strategy and monitoring, we can quote you an hourly rate for SEO consulting.

SEO Advisory

SEO Advisory

If you're a start-up & need constant help with SEO, you could sign-up & our Manager contact with you. He's helped many start-ups grow already! 

Dedicated SEO Resources

Dedicated SEO Resources

If you have multiple projects or hundreds of keywords to be ranked, you could hire dedicated SEO resources or even a full SEO team with expertise in On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, content marketing, SEO copywriting etc.

SEO Reseller Services

SEO Reseller Services

If you're looking for White Label SEO, we've consistently been rated amongst the top 10 SEO resellers in Bangladesh and US.

Contact Now

Contact Now

For any customized requirement please email us at or request a quote

Why Choose
The Dhaka IT

Refund Policy

We’re concerned about meeting the expectations of our clients and satisfying them by all means. However, if you don’t get the service as promised due to any technical or third-party integrations, we’ll replace the service with an equivalent one or might issue a refund.

Secure Payment

We value our clients’ security and we have a secure payment solution for them to stay worry-free. Your payment information is highly secure with us because we take service from some highly prestigious providers for that.

Client Dashboard

An interactive dashboard for project management is essential for the finest outcome from a quality SEO service. Each of our clients get a dedicated dashboard with which they can manage their ongoing projects and review the services.

After Sales Support

You’re getting a quality service from professional SEO services and that’s great, but what if you face issues afterwards? Well, we keep our clients’ websites under supervision as we’re always open and ready to get them the best after-sales service.

Why Choose Us

On-time Deliver

On-time delivery can keep a business on track without creating a bottleneck in the production. Meeting the deadline without making delayed delivery is a built-in for us because we value the time of our clients.

Revision Policy

We provide a revision policy for our clients if they find any problems in the delivered service within 72 hours. You’ll get a revision as long as you’re not satisfied with the project we’re handling for you with the desired result you want.

Industry Expertise

In the last 7 years, we’ve gained significant insight into the following industries – Home & Building, Education & Training, Auto, Ecommerce, Healthcare & Travel. Contact with Top SEO Expert In Bangladeshi Counselor of The Dhaka IT. 

Support Team

Supporting the client while providing the service helps them get the maximum output possible. That’s why we have a dedicated team to support our clients while the other teams are getting the job done ensuring the desired quality.

The Dhaka IT

FAQ: SEO Service Provider Company
In Bangladesh Service

Here are some of the most familiar questions customers are asking about our SEO Service. Now, it is difficult for us to answer all of those questions. Instead of doing that, we have responded to the most frequently asked questions here below. Let’s check them out and get your answers.

What makes The Dhaka IT different from others in the SEO industry?

We are one of the most reliable SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh. Our SEO Service are custom designed or customized working plane based on clients’ requirement. We are in the industry for more than a decade and served more than thousands of businesses worldwide. We have the ultimate support team actively responding to clients and queries from potential visitors 24/7.

Is there a minimum term contract?

Well, we have a minimum term contract period because SEO is a time-consuming task. Some SEO tasks need few months to effect on the search engine. If you stop doing SEO after a few days of starting, you may lose our service’s benefits. Check our service packages to understand why you need to give more time.

How long will it take to see results?

If you want to see some significant growth in your organic reach or ranking on the search engine, it will take at least 06 months. However, in this period, you need to continue working on optimization on your site. We will drive results faster than any other agency because we have the best strategy, including on-page & off-page optimization, that the search engine loves.

Who provides the content?

We have in-house top-notch writers who will write all content needed to rank your site on the search engines. If there is any content such as images, or logos, we need, then we will request you to send us. We consider writing content that ranks; otherwise, it would be difficult for us to class due to content quality.

How many links can I expect?

We do not provide any numbers of backlinks that you may think of getting from our service. We only work on ranking your site on the search engines. Our team will work on everything that is needed, including backlinks and content quality. We believe quality over quantity that leads us to build authority high-quality backlinks that work on ranking.

Are your services adequate for a new website?

Whether your site is new or old, there are many optimizations you must do on your website. However, if your site is unique, it is better to start on-site SEO. Our strategy for new sites is simple, finding low competition keywords, publishing fresh content and doing on-site SEO, and building a brand reputation through profiles on different platforms.

How much money do you take for ranking on the first page of Google?

Don’t worry about the money; we got that covered. We will choose keywords that are easy to rank with affordable cost to invest without breaking your budget. Remember that ranking on the first page of Google is not about money. It is about how an expert is your SEO agency that has enough experience in organic SEO.

Will you do keyword research for my website?

Yes, our complete SEO services packages include keyword research for your website. We will research your niche and find out keywords that bring targeted visitors interested in the products or the service you provide. We have the best keyword research specialist team who will dedicatedly work on your project.

Will your service improve my sales?

Yes, our service will improve your sales by driving targeted visitors to your website. We will not only do that but also improve your brand visibility and reputation to encourage customers to find your products or services reliable. We will make your website authoritative, so the search engine gives your webpages keywords for keywords that customers are using to search what they need.

Do you outsource any services you provide?

No, we have enough resources we need to provide services. The Dhaka IT is a full-service digital marketing agency, and we have several SEO teams who work on our clients’ projects. We do not outsource anything at all from anywhere so that our clients’ privacy can be saved.

Why should I choose The Dhaka IT over other providers?

The Dhaka IT is providing SEO services for more than a decade in the digital industry. We have served more than thousands of clients, and they are happy about our service. If you want to get the revenue you want to achieve, we can help you better than any other agency. Check out our packages to choose one that satisfies your needs.

Do you offer different SEO packages?

Yes we offer different SEO packages. You can choose what suits you best. And also you can go for a custom plan according to your requirements.

How quickly can I expect to see the result?

It depends on many factors like, Keywords competition, Search Engine Algorithm trend, Content trend and some others. It can take 3 to 4 month to get a visible change.

How often can I expect to see the reports?

You will get an analytics and activity report according to the package you subscribe to.

What Make Us Different


Experience is such a thing that you can’t make with money. Our 7+ years of experience of excellent data driven results make us different from all other SEO companies.


We are led by biggest industry experts in Bangladesh who give services to the biggest Bangladeshi companies like, Aliganz, HR OUTSOURCE BD and many more.


Every SEO company says that they can deliver you results, but we don’t just say but also show you the proof from our real projects. we are confident to proved your ROI. Contact for service satisfaction with Us.

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The Dhaka IT has a team of SEO Experts who are dedicated to providing the best service of SEO Consultancy for any business or organization. We have over 7 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) &  have successfully Rank On Google over 150+ Websites.


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