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The Dhaka IT is a prominent name in the digital marketing industry in Bangladesh. We tend to provide high-end, result-driven SEO solutions & Website Design at an affordable price range, especially for small businesses. With over 7 years of experience, we’ve successfully served thousands of local and foreign clients, businesses, and agencies.

We’re a team of more than 20+ specialists in the industry we work in with distinctive expertise in each sector. We’re currently working with clients from different countries worldwide, including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Plus, we’re happily contributing to the community of Bangladesh’s digital marketing industry for its betterment.

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WHY Dhaka IT?

What We Do [Our Expertise Area]

With a very long time spent in the industry, we’re now offering a handful of services to our clients. Here are the services you can trust us on about the highest standards of quality assurance to boost your business with Dhaka IT.

Dhaka IT has the Best SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh. Rank your business with Dhaka IT.

Dhaka IT has the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Grow Your business with Dhaka IT.

Dhaka IT has the Best Facebook Advertising Agency in Bangladesh. Promote Your business with Dhaka IT.

Website Design

Dhaka IT has the Best Web Design Company In Bangladesh. Make Your Dream Website with Dhaka IT.

Ecomerce Web Development

Dhaka IT has the Best Ecommerce website development in Bangladesh. Make Ecommerce website with Us.

Dhaka IT has the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangladesh. Promote you business digitally with Dhaka IT.

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The concept of getting our clients the best quality is what keeps us on the right track and makes us deliver the best service. When you pitch or service, business, or an idea to us, we analyze the opportunities regarding the idea. Our expert team will research the topic in-depth and develop a killer strategy specifically for your needs.

You’ll get a detailed report of the analysis, and we’ll implement the strategy in the project and get the best outcome from it. We ensure the services and contents you’re getting has the highest standards to get the maximum output.

These steps aren’t the end of the journey; we give it follow-ups with you and be sure the service was up to your expectations. Furthermore, we don’t leave the clients behind even after the project is done; we’ll always be there to support you. If you face any issues with the service or have any queries, we’re happy to assist you with that any time.

Dhaka IT

Our Vision

Our vision is straightforward; we don’t sell only services; we serve quality and experience. We help our clients get the right exposure and the most visibility among your competitors using our experience. Our team is dedicated to getting the job done with the highest quality of the client’s service.

You’re the one who decides how big you want to grow, we’re here to get you there and make it sustainable from every aspect. You can benefit from our motto for running the agency, and that’s the highest quality from an affordable budget. We keep our services’ quality to the highest level and keep the price range minimum for our clients.


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